Haunting Danielle…still going strong…

It’s a little crazy to think I am working on Book 24 in my Haunting Danielle series. 24! And I already have my story idea for Book 25. 

When I released the first book in my Haunting Danielle series, in the summer of 2014, I had no idea—nor no plan—to run the series this long. I knew it was going to be a series, yet I had no idea how the readers would receive the book and if they would want more.

I’ve said all along that I will continue bringing new Haunting Danielle books if three conditions are met. 

1. My readers still wanted them.

2. I have story ideas.

3. I am still able to write the books.

One thing that often happens with series authors, they grow bored of writing the series, or they have another story they are itching to write.

Boredom has not been an issue for me. I’m inspired by my readers and the positive comments I receive. Each book I want to bring something that they won’t just like, but something new and different from the previous books. The challenge has a way of killing any boredom.

As for having another story or book idea distracting my attention—yes that happens with me. But I’ve decided to incorporate the idea—if possible—into one of my Haunting Danielle books. If I didn’t check myself, I could easily bounce around from one series to another, which could have disastrous effects. 

One example of an idea incorporated in the Haunting Danielle series is the Christmas shoe (for those who read the last Haunting Danielle book.) For a number of years I have been wanting to write a Christmas book around the shoe. And I finally did.

Don’t rule out the possibility of me starting another series in the distant—or not so distant—future. I have had several ideas, yet still thinking them over. If I do start another series, it won’t mean the end of Haunting Danielle. It simply means I will have more books to write.

As for me, time to see about some coffee. It’s almost 7 am, and I will get this posted to my blog in a few minute. Have a great day!

(Photo: Book cover of my next Haunting Danielle book.)

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Debating with myself…should I start an Authortube channel?

I’m something of a multitasker, except for when I’m writing a book. Then, I can’t even listen to music, have the TV on, or have someone in the room with me, aside from my pups or cat. 

But when I’m cleaning my office, riding my exercise bike or making dinner, I like to listen to Youtube channels, preferably an authortube channel. That’s a show typically hosted by another author, discussing the craft, marketing, publishing industry, or even his or her books.

I’ve been seriously debating starting my own channel, where I upload once a week. Why? This career has been good to me, and I honestly think I have something to offer aspiring authors—I’d like to pay it forward. 

I have no intention of starting a Patreon account—not that I see anything wrong with other authors doing that to support their authortube channel. But frankly, I prefer to be my own boss, and I do believe when you start taking money for a service, you kinda sorta have a boss.

If I do decide to move forward with this new project, I will only commit to a set time frame—perhaps six months or a year. And then when that time is up, I will reevaluate and decide if I should continue or not.

There is another reason I am considering doing this. I think we need a few more authortube channels hosted by older authors.

Ask yourself…

Can you see it? What do those two images have in common? Actually, they have a number of things in common.

Both are stock images I purchased online.

Both photographs were taken on the beach.

Both are romantic, yet unrealistic.

If you are wondering why I refer to the woman with the laptop as a romantic image, you need to look at the photograph from my perspective—as a writer. At the moment it is chilly outside, even here in Havasu where last year at this time I was out on the lake enjoying the sunshine.

But look at that woman, lounging on the beach, enjoying the ocean breeze while typing away on her laptop. I see her as a writer, like myself. Ahh…how lovely to be sitting there on the beach, writing away, while surrounded by such a serene setting. 

Well yeah, it might be, if I could actually look at the laptop screen without killing my eyes. Working outside on a laptop computer is not really feasible—not unless you invest in some sort of screen device, that may or may not work. I don’t know, I have never tried. I just know every time I have taken my laptop on the patio on a nice day to work, it never works out as good as it sounds. Kills my eyes, and I end up coming back inside.

As for the other picture, the couple rolling around on the sand. That might look romantic or sexy to some, but gee, imagine all that sand, getting in places sand should never be.

So see, those two photos do have a lot in common.