Rainy day in Oregon. I wonder what Walt and Danielle are doing. Think it’s raining in Frederickport? Probably.

In ten days, I was supposed to have knee replacement surgery. Unfortunately, last week my sister got knocked over by her son’s playful dog and broke her hip. She was supposed to come up and watch Mom for three weeks. The good news, her surgery went well, she is on the mend, but her recovery will take about three months, so no taking care of Mom for her.  

But it wasn’t just about finding another caregiver for Mom; the hospital called days after my sis broke her hip and told me they had to postpone the surgery because of an anesthesiologist shortage. I’ll be rescheduling for the surgery center, instead of the hospital, but will push out the surgery for April (hopefully). It will give me time to finish The Ghost and the Wedding Crasher and make arrangements for Mom.

In other news, the audiobook for my last book, The Ghost and the New Neighbor, will be released in a couple days—on January 17, 2023. Once again, the talented Romy Nordlinger is our narrator. 

My last couple posts have been about signed copies of my books—something I am now offering after repeated requests from readers. I have been trying to fine tune the process and expanding my offer. To learn more about getting a signed copy of one of my books—not just books from the Haunting Danielle series—click here.

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  1. LaTonya

    I hope all is well. Positive energy to you and the family for speedy recoveries!

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