Monthly Archives: August 2015

Summer with Ghosts

HauntingDanielle_Book6_NEW 900It’s been a busy month for me. I’ve been working on the next book in my Haunting Danielle series, The Ghost of Halloween Past. It goes to the editor later this month (after the betas go through it), for a mid-September release.

The encouraging comments from my readers have made this series a joy to write. It’s also a subject matter I’ve always enjoyed—in books and movies.

As soon as I get this one off to the editor I start on Book 6—The Ghost Who Came for Christmas. Cover designer Elizabeth Mackey has already finished the cover for that one—as you can see.

When I am not writing, summer this year has been about home remodels. My 87-year-old mother lives with us and her bathroom needed a makeover—specifically a new shower easier for her to get into, one with safety grab rails. Of course, once you start a new remodel you realize you need a new cabinet—toilet—paint…

As I write this, I am on the treadmill, doing something for my health. When I get off in 20 minutes, it is off to the cottage and back to the story! Have a great day!