Trying to figure out the Havasu Burglar.

These days I write about crime—mostly murder. Due to a recent rash of local breaking and entering, I got to thinking about another sort of crime—burglary. If I was to create a character who was a burglar, what would be in his or her head? What makes the burglar tick?

Apparently, the modus operandi for our local burglars, they knock on the front door first to see if anyone is home.

This is the part I don’t get. Surely, I am not the only one out there who often does NOT answer the door when someone rings the bell. Let’s be honest, when someone stops by—especially a stranger—not everyone bothers answering the door. And even if it is someone you know, how many of you will confess to ducking behind some piece of furniture so the visitor won’t see you and know you are home. I know I have.

There are many reasons for not answering the door.

I might be in the bathroom, taking a shower, or having wild sex.

It’s possible I haven’t gotten dressed yet, despite the fact it is way past noon. After all, I am a writer and work from home.

Maybe the house is a mess and I don’t want people to know what a slob I am.

Perhaps I have just murdered someone and am busy dismembering the body. No one answers the door when they are doing that. (Did I mention I write about murders?)

Or maybe I am a recluse—not too far from the truth since I am a writer—and I rarely answer the door.

Maybe I am hosting a wild orgy and the house is already filled to occupancy. (Did I mention I once wrote erotica?)

Anyway, you get my point. Just because no one answers the door, does not mean no one is home.

Apparently, some local burglars found this out first hand when they broke into a house and were welcomed by a the gun wielding homeowner. Oops…

Did I mention I live in Arizona? Everyone in Arizona has a freaking handgun. It doesn’t matter if you are a liberal or conservative; if you live in Arizona chances are someone in the household will be packing. And if it isn’t a gun, there is probably a camera or two hidden away recording every move—while the video is whisked away to some cloud to be retrieved should the need arise.

So, basically, this burglar character doesn’t seem to have the capacity to think ahead. Or maybe he or she just likes surprises and living on the edge.

The important things in life…

SONY DSC My mother and I have spent the first half of May with my daughter’s family in California. Hubby brought us up here so we could come to our granddaughter’s fifth birthday. At the party my mother was surprised by my nephew who attended, bringing along mom’s new great-grandson–for their first visit. Needless to say, she cried.

Hubby had to go back home for work after almost a week. Mom and I got to stay. One nice thing about being a writer, I can take my work with me.

Mom is 87 and was a little apprehensive about making this trip. We go home in two days, and she tells me she’s glad she came. After all, here we get to enjoy the important things in life–like my grandchildren, and her great-grandchildren.

My granddaughter adores her GG (her name for my mother, which stands for Great-Grandmother). They play dolls, enjoy tea party and have the liveliness of conversations.

I’ve had a great time visiting my daughter, son-in-law and my beautiful grandchildren. The extended visit has allowed me to bond with our two-year-old grandson, who’s shy. I’ve always been close to our granddaughter, who never seems to forget us, even though we don’t get together as much as I would like. When I go home, I will miss telling her stories at bedtime. I never seem to read to her–but make up stories, with her as the star character.

I managed to get some writing done on The Ghost Who Wanted Revenge, the 4th book in my Haunting Danielle series. When I go home, I need to wrap it up and send it off to the beta readers and then the editor. It’s currently on pre-order at Amazon.

The photo was taken this morning, me and my grandbabies.