Book 13 – The Ghost Who Lied

Locals call the priceless antique necklace the Missing Thorndike. Could it really be cursed? According to Danielle’s stalker it is.

Reluctantly, Danielle agrees to celebrate the First Anniversary of Marlow House’s Grand Opening. Her friends insist it is a way to move past the tragic events that occurred the past year. She even agrees to wear the Missing Thorndike for a second time.

But when one of the guests is murdered at the party—surrounded by more than a half dozen possible suspects—Danielle begins to wonder if there is something to the curse.

She understands that the ghost of a murder victim doesn’t always know the identity of his or her killer. But this ghost knows, and she isn’t telling. And she isn’t leaving Marlow House.


Book 11 – The Ghost Who Stayed Home

Left alone at Marlow House with Sadie and Max, Walt expects Danielle and Lily to return by the end of the week. When they don’t, he begins to wonder what happened to them.

The ghost of Marlow House doesn’t scare six-year-old Evan MacDonald. When the child sneaks into the house in the middle of the night, seeking Walt’s help, the resident spirit learns something has happened to Danielle and Lily.

Can a ghost confined to Marlow House and a pint-sized medium bring the people they love home?






Book 10 – The Ghost and the Muse

If a muse is the source of a writer’s inspiration, does it mean the muse has gone silent when writer’s block hits?  And who or what exactly is this muse we sometimes hear about?

I’ve never claimed to have a muse, but I must say there are times—when writing my books—that I feel someone is whispering in my ear, giving me direction and teaching me new things about my characters that sometimes surprise me.

In The Ghost and the Muse, we bring back the author from the previous book—The Ghost and the Mystery Writer.

In this story, the muse isn’t exactly what he seems, and Danielle must unravel his mystery.








Book 8 – The Ghost from the Sea

One of my favorite Haunting Danielle books to write was The Ghost from the Sea. It was fun stepping back in time and giving the readers a greater insight into Walt’s life. The book was a departure from the Earthbound Spirit storyline.

When a shipwreck washes up on a beach across from Marlow House, Frederickport residents wonder what happened to the ship’s crew.

Danielle soon discovers the ship brought a stowaway—a spirit with ties to Frederickport that go back to the 1920s—when Walt was still alive.






More Haunting Danielle audiobooks!

It’s official! Tantor Media has purchased the rights to books 4, 5, and 6 in the Haunting Danielle series. For those following the story via audiobook format, you can expect the audiobooks to be released in upcoming months. As soon as I have specific release dates, I will let you know!

About those titles…

The Haunting Danielle Series

The Ghost of Marlow House (Book 1)
The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds (Book 2)
The Ghost Who Wasn’t (Book 3)
The Ghost Who Wanted Revenge (Book 4)
The Ghost of Halloween Past (Book 5)
The Ghost Who Came for Christmas (Book 6)
The Ghost of Valentine Past (Book 7)
The Ghost from the Sea (Book 8)
The Ghost and the Mystery Writer (Book 9)
The Ghost and the Muse (Book 10)
The Ghost Who Stayed Home (Book 11)
The Ghost and the Leprechaun (Book 12)
The Ghost Who Lied (Book 13)
The Ghost and the Bride (Book 14)

As you probably already noticed, there’s a pattern here…each of my books in the Haunting Danielle series begins with “The Ghost…” But the fact is, when I first started the series, this wasn’t the case.

I originally intended to call the series—and each book in it—Haunting Danielle—followed by a number. Such as: Haunting Danielle, Book 1

At the time, I thought it would be good branding, while helping the readers easily recognize the order of the books in the series. I soon learned, this wasn’t going to work. It seemed this confused many of the eBook vendors.

My designer had already created the basic cover—Marlow House with the “Haunting Danielle” across the upper portion of the cover. I especially liked the Haunting Danielle font and its placement on the artwork, so I decided—with my designer’s input—to leave that and then just add the book title under the series’ name.

I’ve no regrets on my final style design, aside from wishing I hadn’t first released the first two books in the series as Book 1 and Book 2. I ended up renaming them The Ghost of Marlow House and The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds when I released the third book in the series.

I especially confused one reader/reviewer who wrote: “I don’t know why the name of the series gets the biggest font on the cover, unless the author wants to discourage people from reviewing it, since it was a little difficult to find at first.”

I thought that was amusing—the idea I was in some way hiding the name of the book so people wouldn’t review it. The fact was—I just screwed up with titling my books when the series first came out.

99¢ eBook Sale! (Regular Price $4.50)
The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds


While the first book in the Haunting Danielle series is normally priced just 99¢ (eBook format), the other books in the series are priced at $4.50 each. Except for right now.

The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds (Book 2) is currently on sale for just 99¢ at major eBook venues. Its price will return to $4.50 mid-June 2017.

If you already have the eBook, you might still be interested in the sale. For those who bought the eBook from somewhere other than Amazon and are interested in purchasing the audio version through Audible, it is cheaper to pick up the eBook from Amazon for the sale price, and then buy the audiobook, assuming you are an Audible member. (Audiobook prices subject to change.)

If you have a friend who is just starting the series, you might want to tell them to grab the eBook before it returns to its regular price mid-June.

Happy reading!

Haunting Danielle Audio Books


The first three books in the Haunting Danielle series are now available on audiobook format.

For those who belong to Audible and have purchased the eBooks on Amazon, you can get the audio versions of books one and two for less than three bucks each. It appears to be a special price, so I don’t know how long it will last.

I’ve been happy with the narrator, Romy Nordlinger, a talented actress. I believe she’s captured Danielle and Lily’s personalities in her reading. I’ll admit, I’m never completely satisfied when a female narrator does the male voices—and I am rarely satisfied when a male narrator reads the lines of a female character. So basically, the only way I will ever be completely satisfied—get a male and female narrator for each book—hahaha. Well, I don’t think that is going to happen.

There is also one other issue I wanted to point out. It’s not really the narrator’s fault—it’s probably mine and what happens when we try to take written words to audio format. During the story, there are times a character may think something. It is usually Danielle, silently making comments about Walt, who most people are unaware even exists.

In the book, I sometimes include “she thought” or something like that. But often, I just present the thought after a comment, out of quotes and in italic. For the reader, it is obviously a thought. But unfortunately, when taken to an audiobook, some listeners may be confused as to why Danielle is talking about Walt to a person who is unaware of him.

I don’t think it is a major issue, and once explained, I think it will be obvious what is going on when listening to one of the books.

Overall—I am exceedingly pleased and have no regrets as to the choice of narrator. For those who choose to listen to the stories, I hope you enjoy the audiobooks as much as I have.

The Ghost of Marlow House

The Ghost Who Loved Diamonds

The Ghost Who Wasn’t