I’m coming up for air….

It’s been a hectic six months, with packing up our house, moving from Arizona to Oregon, settling into our new home and remodeling, bringing Mom up here, preparing for the holidays, and writing a new book.

But my newest book, The Ghost and the Church Lady (Book 29) of the Haunting Danielle series), is off to the editor, and I can now take a little breather and look over my to-do list and see what I can cross off.

One thing I can cross off is the idea for my next book. It already came to me, The Ghost and the Medium will be Book 30, and it will probably come out in May. Look for The Ghost and the Church Lady on January 27, 2022.

We had a wonderful Christmas. It was the first time in years both my son and daughter, and their families, spent Christmas with us. Mom was here too.

I hadn’t cut or colored my hair since covid hit. But I was starting to look like a little old hippy, so my daughter gave me a trim while she was here. I have decided to embrace my gray, so no more hair dye. I once said I would never allow myself to go gray, but like Mom says, never say never. My hubby likes the color, and I figure I’ve earned all that gray.

I’ve been trying to take breaks and walk our property. The top photo is of our pups inside the gate, as I take off to walk the perimeter. This helps the pups to get their own exercise. While I’m walking on the property surrounding them, those two are running circles around their big yard.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2022!

On the road and back again…

Bobbi with Danny & Lily.

Sunday we returned from our first “long” road trip in our motorhome. We were gone 20 days. It was exhausting, we had fun, and it is good to be back home again.

When my husband and I were first married—over 43 years ago—we used to go camping. First we slept in the back of our car, later in the back of our pickup truck with a camper shell. But then my in-laws sent us their Alaskan camper (all the way from Hawaii).  

Our Alaskan Camper.

Later we graduated to a cab-over camper WITH a bathroom—and I was in heaven!

We lived in Southern California at the time and our favorite places to camp were in the Sierras or up along the coast. I remember our neighbors (who became lifelong friends) used to tease us about how we always took off just about every weekend. They had a baby at the time, we did not.

Hubby by our cab-over camper.

But then our first was born, Scott. Scott didn’t stop us from camping. After all, we had the cab-over camper, and I felt like the regular pioneer woman giving him a bath in a big old wash tub sitting on the table in our camper.  (I can’t recall if we moved up from the Alaskan to the camper with the bathroom before or after Scott was born.)

In 1982 our daughter was born and our son turned three. We decided to move from the suburbs up to the mountain community of Wrightwood, California, and so we sadly sold our truck and camper to buy a 4-wheel drive, which would be necessary if we were to live in the mountains.

I always felt a little guilty that Scott’s camping basically stopped at age 3, and Elizabeth’s never started. About nine years later, after we moved to Havasu, I bought my husband a tent and camp stove for Father’s Day—thinking it might inspire him to go camping again. He looked at me like I was nuts. (His tent-like camping days were behind him.)

While we never used the tent, our son later wore it out when he went camping with friends. And considering how he and our daughter-in-law love camping these days—roughing it like we used to do before the Alaskan—I guess I will stop feeling guilty about depriving him of the joys of camping.

As for our daughter, who was sorely neglected in the camping department, she too has had her share of adult camping. She and her husband have traveled up to Alaska (the state not the camper) pulling a travel trailer. Actually, the first time was from Alaska to the lower 48, after their first stint in Kodiak (Our SIL is in the Coast Guard). The second time was back up to Alaska, for their second stint in Kodiak. Both trips included two kids and a dog.  The last time I spoke to her about it, she was rather over the whole camping thing.

Hubby, Lady and Dave & Carlos by our 5th-wheel.

About three years ago—after much dreaming—my husband and I bought a 5thwheel. We had it for two years and only took it on two trips. My 91-year old mother lives with us and it is difficult for us to get away. But it was something we have been wanting to do for so long.

Unfortunately, my husband was not thrilled with the 5thwheel. Hooking it up, parking, and driving stressed us both out. While we both loved the 5thwheel once it was set up, we decided to trade it in on a motorhome.

Next month it will be a year since we purchased the motorhome. Like the 5thwheel, we had only been able to use it twice. (At least we were getting better, it was two times in less than one year, rather than two times in two years!)

Our motorhome at Eureka campground.

All that changed the first of September when we took it out on our first real road trip. I’ll talk more about that in my next blog post.