All 29 books in the Haunting Danielle series are now available in audiobook. The Ghost and the Medium, Book 30, in the series is currently at the editor, and while I wait for its return I’m keeping busy marking chores off my to-do list.

One of the items I checked off my list today was getting a new profile picture for my book covers and social media. It’s probably one of my least favorite things to do. I’m super critical of my pictures. But at least it is done, and I don’t hate it.

Meanwhile, as I write this, I can hear activity on our property. The photo at the top of this post was just taken from my bedroom window, where I currently have my desk set up. They have started construction on our son and daughter-in-law’s house. It’s very exciting! Their house will be between the hedge and the white house in the background.

Meanwhile, as I wait for the editor to return my manuscript, I am hoping to check more items off my to-do list and then get some rose bushes planted. There is so much to do!

4 comments on “Waiting for the editor…

  1. Daniel Asher

    I’m so excited for this book . I started reading the series quite a while ago . I finally finished my last book and got a shock when it said I had no more books to read yet ! I’ve enjoyed all 29 books so far and I’m so so much looking forward to the next . Please don’t ever stop writing this series I can’t ever imagine it ending 🙂

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thank you! Glad you are enjoying them!!

  2. Sharon Caldwell

    That’s a great picture!
    I’m loving all the Haunting Danielle books – you have such a gift!

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thank you! For both compliments!!

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