Over on Amazon The Ghost and the Bride got one of those little orange banners. It showed up the day of the release, on Saturday. The Ghost and the Bride made it to number one in Ghost Fiction at Amazon. I’ve been getting positive feedback on this newest release. One reviewer called it both funny and sad.

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  1. Katherine Marcha

    I am wondering how the police chief ended up being named Joe Morelli in the Haunting Danielle series? He bears the name and similar description to a character in another author’s novels who is also police detective in NJ.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Actually, the police chief is named Edward MacDonald. Joe is an officer. The Joe Morelli in Haunting Danielle was named for my son-in-law (Joe) and the Morelli is the surname of some personal friends. At the time I created the character I had no idea there was a Joe Morelli in Stephany Plumb. I learned about the “other” Joe at about book 3 in the Haunting Danielle series. With literally millions of books out there, and countless character names, it is impossible to be “original.” Had I been aware of the other Joe, I would have used another name, but by the time another reader pointed out the other Joe, it was too late to make a change.

      The only similarity between the two Joes, they are both handsome and Italian, and both in law enforcement. The resemblance ends there. My Joe is a habitual rule follower and not prone to having much of an imagination. From what I hear, Stephany Plumb’s Joe is far more interesting.

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