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Audiobooks, Google Play and Free Books

The seventh book in the Haunting Danielle series, The Ghost of Valentine Past, is now available in audiobook. Like the first six audiobooks in the series, the talented Romy Nordlinge is the narrator. Released by Tantor Audio, you can find it at most audiobook vendors, including Amazon.

For those readers who use Google Play, you can now find the Haunting Danielle series there.

And if you know someone who would enjoy the series, let them know they can now download the first book in the series–The Ghost of Marlow House–for free!




The paperback versions are available!

The paperback versions of The Ghost and the Doppelganger are now available at Amazon. We offer a regular print and a large print.  Font size in the large print is 18 points, and it’s printed on white paper. All the books in the Haunting Danielle series are offered in regular size and large print paperbacks, as well as eBook format.


The Ghost and the Doppelganger is here!

The 16th book in the Haunting Danielle series is now available in eBook format. You can get the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords–and now at Google Play! 

They say everyone has a double. Walt’s distant cousin, Clint Marlow, could be his twin.

When the unscrupulous cousin arrives at Marlow House with his fiancée, he conceals his real reason for being there.

But, unknown to Walt—and his cousin—the Universe has its own plans, and none of them will ever again be the same.


The paperback versions (regular and large print) will be available within the next week.