I did it. I started an Authortube channel. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a YouTube channel, typically hosted by an author or authors, with the topic about writing and publishing. 

I’ve been toying with the idea for several months, and now with sheltering in place, I figured it was a good reason to put on some makeup, dress in something other than my pajama bottoms and T-Shirt, and talk to the outside world. Although, when the pandemic was first officially declared, I considered not starting the channel.

But I did it. And here are my first lessons.

Not a good idea to wear any clothing that has anything sparkly if you are using a green screen. While my blouse doesn’t look sparkly in person, on the film the collar was as lively as flickering Christmas lights. I could refilm wearing something else—but not. Not doing that.

I wish I would have explained the desert background I used for a good portion of the video.  I live in Lake Havasu City, and during the springtime that’s what the hills around our town look like. When I lived across the lake at Havasu Palms, that was what the hill in front of our restaurant looked like—until those idiots who now lease the property scraped the hillside and replaced it with colored rock—but that is another story.

The desert image was a stock image I purchased, yet it looks like it was taken around here. Maybe it was. I picked it because it felt like home.

I learned no reason to stop filming when I mess up with whatever I am saying. It is much easier to splice out the mistakes than stopping the video and then starting again, and trying to splice those together.  What was I thinking? I should have figured that out before filming.

For the record this is not my first video I’ve ever made using something other than stock images (like my book videos.)  During college I took film making classes, but back in those days we filmed on super eight (or was it just 8MM back then??) and then literally cut the film and taped it together as opposed to doing it digitally. Of course, that was over forty years ago, so I’m obviously rusty!

It also wasn’t the first time I’ve worked with a green screen. I was first introduced to those my senior year of college when I interned at an educational television station, where I wrote and produced a documentary film called Born to Die. But again, over forty years ago.

I wasn’t thrilled with the microphone I purchased. Frankly, I couldn’t tell the difference between it and the iPhone’s built in mic. Yes, I used an iPhone.

If you check out the video, please be gentle! And don’t worry, I won’t be asking any of you to join my Patreon account. For one thing, I don’t have one. For another, I have no intention of starting one.

Hope you visit the video, and I would love a thumbs up and a subscribe.  

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