Today I read a post by a Facebook friend who called himself a God Fearing American. After I read that, I thought, I have never called myself ‘God Fearing.’

I don’t fear God. Just like I have never feared my mother or father. Never.

As a child I was taught God is light, truth and love. I was taught I could trust God. Think of those team building exercises, the one where someone stands behind you and you fall back, and you have to trust the person will catch you. I think of God like that. I know that if I fall back, he is there to catch me.

I don’t fear God, because bullies rule by fear. I don’t believe God is a bully. I believe he is better than that.

I respect God. I don’t want to disappoint him. When I screw up, I ask for his forgiveness, and I know that if I am sincere, he will forgive me. I also don’t believe asking for forgiveness is some sort of get out of hell card. I see too many well-known Evangelist ministers blatantly breaking one commandment after another, and claiming they asked forgiveness—only to sin again. They think God is stupid or some chump. God is no chump, and he certainly is not stupid. And I believe God knows what is in your heart, and simply saying the words is not going to make it all better. But hey, THAT is between God and the person, and when it comes down to it, none of my business.

As for hell, if there is one, I don’t believe it is a fire and brimstone eternal suffering. In the same way I don’t believe God is a bully, or a chump, I do not believe he is a sadist.

Not fearing God doesn’t mean I doubt he has the power to smite me. I just trust him not to be unfair about it. I don’t fear God, I respect him.

As for this pandemic. I don’t believe he created it. And, I don’t believe he is going to jump in and suddenly save us all. I have a feeling he is sitting back and watching how we are handling the pandemic. Are we pulling together? Taking care of each other? Loving one and other?

He has already given the intelligence to scientist and doctors, to help us get through this. He also gave us free will, so if we choose not to listen, that is our fault, not God’s.

It could all be a lesson, and I am sure he is watching. What will we learn about ourselves?

5 comments on “God Fearing American

  1. Linda thomas

    Well said. I believe exactly the same way.

  2. Donna Coder

    What a wonderful way to out it all into words. I totally agree with you.

  3. D Theule

    The passage you quoted is a an admonition that only praying in church or synagogue as a show to others of your spirituality is not a life of grace, but to live a faithful life all the time, even when no one is there to observe it.

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