Each year on Halloween I drag out Jack. Let me tell you a little something about Jack. He’s actually a photograph I took in 1974, for one of my photography classes when I attended Cal State University of Fullerton. Back in those days we didn’t have digital cameras, and we certainly didn’t have Photoshop. That meant when we put a pumpkin on a guy’s head, we REALLY put a pumpkin on the guy’s head!

The good natured college student behind the pumpkin (actually half a pumpkin because after I carved it, I had to remove the back half of the pumpkin to fit on his head) was one of my neighbors at the apartment I lived in at Fullerton.

After carving the pumpkin, conning my neighbor to wear it, taking the picture, I had to personally develop the film and then make the prints in a dark room. This project took hours to complete.

These days, I could make a similar photograph in a matter of minutes–with the miracle of my iPhone camera app and Photoshop.

But really, would the picture have the same character as Jack?

Happy Halloween! Stay safe!


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  1. Winona Stalvey

    You are one of the most talented writers I have ever read! I am 55 years old and reading has been my passion ever since I read my first book at age 4 so I have read a ton of books! Your “Haunting Danielle” series is addictive! Every book I have read (I just bought #9 in the series) has been read in a day’s time, keeping me up all night at times because I read more than one in a sitting. I also love your nuances of speech, the completely fleshed out characters (well… the spirits are almost fleshed out! LOL), and the fact that I haven’t found any typos (I spend every book I read catching typos and incorrect usages of words because they are pet peeves of mine which keep me from enjoying even very enjoyable books. I have proofread for a few peole because that is one of my talents.) Sadly, due to finances, I will have to stop for a while after this book. I’m on disability and the government thinks I can live on a little over $700 a month so books are a luxury for me that I usually can’t afford.) I already spent a chunk of my monthly grocery money on the first nine books so I’ll stop for a while but as soon as I cam afford it I’ll be back to visit Danielle, Walt, Chris, Lily, and Ian in their next adventures. Thank you for blessing the world with your writing!

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thank you for your kind words. I urge you to check your library, and if they don’t currently carry the eBooks your can request them. I’ve heard from readers who borrow the ebooks from their local libraries–and it’s free! Plus lots of other great books too!

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