I can’t believe Christmas is just a week away. No one is coming for Christmas this year, but my sister did come for a holiday visit. She flew into Vegas, and my husband was a real sport, and picked her up—and then ten days later (this morning), he took her back to Vegas to fly home. Unfortunately, she missed her connecting flight, and is stuck in the airport for a couple of hours. But she is using that time to read my new book, The Ghost and the Christmas Spirit, so it should keep her occupied.

My sister Lynn is my only sibling, and we’re pretty close. So it was great having her here for a holiday visit—especially for our mother. We did sister stuff, like baked a favorite cookie recipe of our paternal grandmother’s, went out to lunch, did some Christmas shopping, sipped brandy and eggnog, and talked…and talked. She also helped me at the Shopping Extravaganza, where I had a book table set up. And she knows a few people in Havasu–an old high school friend from Covina, and some relatives of her husband, so we did a little visiting.

I wish we could have taken Lynn out in the boat, but unfortunately we’ve been experiencing a cold Havasu December. Some years we can dine outside by the pool during December—other years we need warm jackets and a toasty fire when outside.

The photo is of my sister and me—I am the one on the left. It was taken 54 years ago—yikes! That was before our family moved to Havasu. Back in those days we lived in Covina, California. Back then, our parents always had this enormous flocked tree in the living room—which Mom carefully decorated in turquoise and gold glass ornaments. My sister and I preferred old fashioned trees, so we usually shared a little tree, which we decorated. Sometimes it was in my bedroom, sometimes in Lynn’s. That year it was in Lynn’s room.

This year we just have a little tree with lights on our stereo cabinet—away from the pups. But next year, next year we will have a full-sized Christmas tree again.

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  1. Marlene Rasmussen

    Happy Holidays to you. Sorry your family cannot be with you I love your books and I am going to be starting book 7. Your books are very addicting in a good way.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Happy Holidays to you too! Glad you are enjoying the series!

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Merry Christmas to you too!!!

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