Today I went to my doctor’s for my physical.

Before the doctor came into the room her nurse told me she was going to tell me three objects, an apple, table and…crap, what was the third object?? Then she had me draw a picture of a clock at seven o’clock.

After she told me to draw a clock, I am like…wait a minute!! That is a test for old people! I know. I’ve accompanied my 91-year old mom to all her doctor’s appointments for years.

The nurse says, “Welcome to Medicare!”

Now what was the third thing I was supposed to remember??

Next time they ask me to draw a clock, I am drawing a digital one.

4 comments on “I feel officially old.

  1. Doreen

    Omg..if theyvask me I’m gonna forget the third item…I just walk around the corner to the supermarket and ibfoeget why I went!!

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      I know!!! I was in my 40s when we had the restaurant, and I was a horrible bartender. Not that I couldn’t make the drinks, but I could not remember any orders unless I wrote everything down. I did remember the three items today at the doctor’s office…but I have forgotten one of them. LOL

  2. DeAna A Manns

    That is funny Bobbi!! I find at age 63 I am finding certain words disappear from my vocabulary just when I need them the most. My Grandma Howard used to say, “it’s Hell to get old.” I told her the alternative is rather final. Laugh laugh. I’m not sure how to age gracefully, but I would like to know the secret of keeping my mind sharp! Keep those haunting Danielle books coming. I love the series. Any chance there could be a movie series coming????

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thank you….ummm….I wish! 🙂

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