Let me begin this blog by saying, Happy New Year! Hope you all had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve. We spent a quiet and restful evening at home.

Now to the topic of this blog post…

Maybe it’s my age—but I appreciate a paper book, and I REALLY appreciate large print. All of the Haunting Danielle books are available in large print, but I admit they are often a little pricy compared to the regular paperbacks, but that is because those large print Haunting Danielle books have over 500 pages each. The actual printing cost is out of my control.

The Unlocked Heart series is now available in large print paperback, yet those tend to be more affordable. A typical Haunting Danielle book runs around 80,000 words, while a book in my Unlocked Heart series is around 50,000 words. 

I recently ordered some of the large print Unlocked Heart books, and they arrived the other day. While I don’t keep every one of my titles in stock—aside from my personal copies—I have some, in case a reader wants a signed copy—or an inscribed copy.

A signed copy would simply include my signature, while an inscription would include a little more, such as, “To John Smith, Happy Birthday, Bobbi Holmes.”

Purchasing a signed or inscribe copy directly from us typically costs less than the full online price.

To learn more about purchasing a signed or inscribed copy of Haunting Danielle or an Anna J. McIntyre title, go here, or email us at robeth@robeth.com, and let us know the title, and if you want it in large print or paperback. Be sure to give us your shipping information, so we can calculate the shipping cost if we have your title.

At the moment we have a number of large print and regular print copies of books from the Haunting Danielle series and the Unlocked Hearts. We also have some paperbacks from the Coulson Family Saga series, but those are not yet available in large print. However, they will be available in audiobook before the end of the year!  

2 comments on “Signed Books and Large Print

  1. Ileana

    Congratulations on the print version. Out of curiosity are you going to offer Haunting Danielle Series in Print?

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Thank you. They are already out in print–large print and regular print. You can order them at online vendors, like Amazon. Links to the books on Amazon can be found on the product pages at https://robeth.net/.

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