It’s Sunday. If you are going to church, is it online or in person?

In the news we hear stories of the Louisiana pastor who continues to defy orders not to hold gatherings larger than 50 people. His contention seems to be that his faith and the power of prayer is bigger than the virus and he feels this is a persecution of Christians. In fact, members of his church have been fired from jobs for attending the services, which the pastor says is a persecution of the faith.  Others would argue, those employers didn’t want careless high risk employees infecting other employees.

First, let me say, I DO believe in the power of prayer. I’ve seen its power. In one most memorable demonstration, I had a personal issue—which I won’t go into detail about—I simply could not resolve on my own. I prayed, turned it over to God and miraculously, it turned around instantly. An issue that could have plagued me for a lifetime was no longer a problem. For me, that was the ultimate demonstration. However, I was not testing God. I was genuinely asking for help.

The Bible is pretty specific about testing God. It also discusses free will. In my opinion, holding a large gathering after the experts say that will endanger people is really no different than walking across a busy freeway and expecting to get on the other side without being hit by a car. Hey, you believe in God. You have faith. He will get you to the other side.

In my opinion, that is a bit presumptuous and disrespectful of God. He didn’t give you free will so you could act like a freaking idiot and expect him to be your safety net. 

Please don’t test God. He is going to be pretty busy during the next few months. Let’s not overwhelm him or the hospitals right now. And while you might counter—God can handle anything—why make him? Isn’t that rather lazy of you?  

Think of it this way—as a parent, I am proud that my adult children can stand on their own two feet without expecting me to fix all their problems. But they know, that if they really need me, I am there for them. If God is our father, one that gave us free will, I don’t think he wants us to act like idiots while he walks behind us and picks up all our messes. 

Stay safe people. 

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  1. Wendy Labrum

    My Church is online. I’m in Indiana and my church is in Texas, so I’m always in Church. I do hope more people take advantage of this. God bless everyone

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