Interviewer:  Welcome back to the next installment of the Marlow House Interview series. Today we have a special treat. Joining us is the spirit of the silent screen star, Eva Thorndike. In order to speak with us today, Eva has graciously conserved her spirit energy, so I will be able to see and hear her for the interview. Welcome and thank you for being here, Eva.

Eva:  This is quite a thrill for me. I wasn’t sure this would work.

Interviewer:  With that, I will jump right in to the first question from a reader. Lindy asks “Eva seems to know a lot more about the ‘other side’ than she lets on or is allowed to let on, but surely there must have been a way she could have visited Walt a lot sooner many years ago instead of recently. She must have known that he had passed, and that he was not allowed to leave his home. She could have helped Walt cope with the loneliness etc.”

Eva:  Oh my, that’s several questions!

Interviewer:   Perhaps we can start with the first one—do you know more about the other side than you let on?

Eva:   Naturally. All spirits do. Well, not necessarily a spirit of someone who has recently passed. Often death is surrounded by confusion, which is why people like Danielle are so important. She serves as a guide.

Interviewer:    So spirits like you—who are no longer confused—know more than you tell someone like Danielle?

Eva:   It’s for her own good. Plus, it’s against the rules.

Interviewer:  Why is that? 

Eva:  It’s the job of the living to—live. Obsessing too much in death or trying to work out what happens next just gets in the way. There is time for all that—after.

Interviewer:  What about Lindy’s question about Walt?. Couldn’t you have visited him sooner? Couldn’t you have helped him cope with his loneliness?

Eva:   I did keep an eye on Walt—up until his death. After that, I didn’t want to confuse him, make him misunderstand and imagine we were going to be together for eternity. I had already broken his heart once during life. I didn’t want to do it again in death. Anyway, the Universe had other plans, I needed to respect that.

Interviewer:   Other plans?

Eva:  Danielle, of course. She helped him come to terms with his new reality.

Interviewer:  Another reader asks, why haven’t you moved on?

Eva:   I died too young. I simply was not ready to leave this world—I’m still not. 

Interviewer:  Do many spirits feel like you? Aren’t ready to leave so they stick around?

Eva:  Surprisingly, no. I suppose one might imagine there are ghosts around every corner, considering the number Danielle has seen since coming to Frederickport, but that really isn’t the case. Most of the spirits she has encountered normally move on fairly quickly—often after she has helped them understand what has happened.

Interviewer:  So, there aren’t that many ghosts wandering around?

Eva:  (laughs) No. Most someone like Danielle sees are spirits passing through, and they typically do it fairly quickly. Of course, there are always instances when a spirit gets trapped somewhere indefinitely, like Walt did. In those cases, it helps when someone like Danielle steps in—or another spirit.

Interviewer:   Another spirit?

Eva:  Certainly. I’ve guided a number of confused spirits to the other side.

Interviewer:  But you didn’t in Walt’s case.

Eva:   Excuse me?

Interviewer:  You basically just said you sometimes help spirits adjust to their death so they can move on, yet you didn’t help Walt.

Eva:  No. Walt was too close to me. Like I said before, I didn’t want to give him false hope that we were going to be together in death.

Interviewer:  Do you ever consider moving on—to wherever that might be?

Eva:  Someday. But I’m in no rush, and I still have things to do here.

Interviewer:   I just realized, where is your glitter?

Eva:   Glitter?

Interviewer:   Yes. I understand you often make your entrance in a flurry of glitter.

Eva:  It’s not actually glitter. But it does require energy, and I’m using what energy I have so that you can see and hear me.

Interviewer:  I appreciate that and…Eva? Eva?  Oh my, Eva’s gone. I have to assume she ran out of her spirit energy—or whatever it is called.  I suppose that will wrap up today’s interview. And if you can hear me Eva, thank you again for taking the time to be here.

Please join us tomorrow for our final interview when we will be joined by Danielle Boatman and Walt Marlow. I understand Sadie and Max will join us too.  Hope to see you then!


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  1. Karen Dickey

    Final interview. No more? Were you only interviewing the ones at Marlow House that knew or believed in ghosts. OH!!! Oh well I loved it while it lasted. GREAT JOB !

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Karen the final one is tomorrow…with Walt, Danielle, Max and Sadie. Now, if readers want to summit some questions for characters I haven’t interviewed yet, I will consider a future interview session! 🙂

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