Vegetable Garden in Bishop California, Fall 2013

My sister, the master gardener was harvesting her vegetable garden yesterday, up in Bishop California. In Lake Havasu City, Arizona on the same day – I was busy planting my indoor herb garden. She keeps telling me to give a real vegetable garden a try, but I seem to have more luck with flowers than vegetables.

I’ve tried planting herbs from seeds. But they just sprout then fizzle.  This weekend the local Home Depot had a sale on potted herbs, so I couldn’t resist. Hopefully the herbs will do as well in my kitchen window as my African violet and spider plants.

As soon as I wrap up a few projects for my alter ego, Anna J. McIntyre, I need to get back to Recipe Traditions, A New Generation. Perhaps I can use some of my own homegrown herbs in my recipes. Of course, I will have to let them grow a bit, because at this point, they are simply fresh herbs I purchased at Home Depot instead of the local grocery store.

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