I’m an advocate for prayer, yet I also believe in free will and that God helps those who help themselves, and when we pray the answer might be no. I don’t believe we are supposed to sit around and do nothing but pray, and God will just fix everything for us.

But when it comes to our duly elected officials solving problems in this country, it does not matter what I believe regarding God and prayer. And it does not matter what you believe.

In the United States of America there is supposed to be separation of church and government. Our citizens might be atheist or believe in some higher power. And that higher power might not be of the Christian faith.

When our duly elected officials—people who have blatantly ignored the problem of school shootings—only response after a tragedy like the community of Uvalde experienced yesterday is some lame tweet like “we are sending our prayers,” I want to freaking scream.  

They were NOT elected to be our prayer warriors; they were elected to enact laws that will help fix the problem.

Am I advocating for all the guns in the country to be confiscated? No, but there should be sensible regulations that would help prevent someone like yesterday’s shooter from getting his hands on such devastating killing machines.

And before you whine about the sacred Second Amendment, I ask you, are you also whining about the First Amendment? You know, the one that is currently being shredded with recent book banning and laws like the Don’t Say Gay bill?

Don’t even get me started on the legislation regulating a woman’s body! I read that 98% of mass killing shooters are MEN, not WOMEN.  Yet there are brilliant legislatures out there spending their time regulating women, while letting any wack-job buy an AR-15. 

And yes, I think those of us who believe in prayer should pray for Uvalde.  But I don’t think it is the only thing we should do.

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  1. Wen

    Congrats on your award. First I must reply to prayer. Our Founding Father’s prayed to God for direction as they were formulating the sovereignty of our country through drafting our documents. If we don’t rely on God’s guidance, the enemy of the world will take on a bigger role, more destruction. We are not to have peace in this world. We must prepare ourselves to do God’s Will while here. As far as guns are concerned, Chicago continually has killings almost every weekend. The mayor does NOTHING. They have strict gun laws but do not enforce them. What good are they? Guns do not pull triggers. Can’t wait to start your new book. God’s speed

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      First, thank you for the congratulations.

      As for your thoughts on prayer—as I mentioned, I too believe in prayer, and while I might pray for our country—as you might—it is not our elected officials’ job to lead us in prayer. Their job is to make laws to make us safer.

      If the Founding Fathers prayed while writing the Constitution, and if their prayers were answered, then I suppose we might assume it was God who directed them to leave him out of the Constitution. God was never mentioned—and he was only added to the Pledge of Allegiance (which was written by a Christian Socialist over a century after our country was founded) in the 1950s.

      The only mention of religion is in the First Amendment where it expressly says “…Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

      Which means, you and I have the right to pray, and our elected officials have the right to pray, yet not as a substitute for doing their duty.

      As for Chicago, I have never been a fan of holding up one problem in order to deflect or minimize another problem.

      Babies died yesterday. Real children. Children who may still be alive if Congress had passed laws making it more difficult for a troubled 18-year-old—one who had some very scary stuff on his social media—to buy an AR-15 on his birthday.


  2. Susan

    With your comments, government no matter what side, is more government now for the politician and not the people. AR-15’s and or automatic rifles were made and massed produced for war, for enemy elimination. It is not a weapon to be sold to a civilian public which now has been used for civilian hunting for murder. It is not a weapon for hunting animals as it destroys the animal and can’t be used for food but murder of an animal. Government has neglected their responsibility to protect civilians from this weapon and by not banning this weapon has allowed the continuance of murdering civilians young and old and murdering of animals for sport. I am only referring to this weapon (AR-15) and not guns used for protection.

  3. Maria

    I so agree with you Bobbi, and only wish I could say it all as well as you do.

  4. Jo

    Thank you so much for writing this! I was a senior in high school when the Columbine shooting happened and every school shooting since then has been a trigger for me, emotionally. And as I also live in Texas, hearing about Uvalde feels like I was punched in the stomach. I have cried so much for these babies that I hope and pray are safe with God. Why any civilian can have access to an automatic rifle is absurd and incredibly irresponsible. I used to have a hand gun when I was a single woman living alone in a shady apartment complex. It was the only reason I was able to sleep at night and I don’t regret having it or think people in my previous situation shouldn’t have one.

    There is a big difference between a hand gun (for protection) and an automatic rifle though. And yeah, you never hear about a woman going on a shooting spree.

    I’m having an ‘Eeyore couple of days’. This is an expression my Southern Mama says to describe a down/ depressing time. Like I have a rain cloud over my head following me around.

    Anyway, love your books and while I’m definitely praying for Uvalde, because I believe there is power in prayer, I am also reaching out to our current leaders and may very well use some quotes from this piece in my communications! Love & blessings from Fate, Texas! -Jo

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      My heart sincerely breaks for all those who are touched by these senseless horrors, and I too will be praying, but like you, I understand we must all do more. (((hugs)))

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