I believe I’m ready to officially announce my new blog and website, here at bobbiholmes.com. It is a total revamp of my author’s website, and will also replace my Mid-Journey blog over at Blogger. I wanted to combine author blog and website in one location. I toyed with the idea of importing my Blogger posts here, but was afraid I’d muck things up. So for now, Mid-Journey will remain up, just without new content. When I’m done here, I’ll leave one final post at Mid-Journey.

It’s a sunny Sunday morning in Havasu, so I think I’ll hurry up with my farewell post for Mid-Journey, then head outside to re-pot some herbs I picked up yesterday. In the past, when trying to grow herbs from seeds I was a dismal failure. Hopefully this will work better. Plants seem to love my kitchen window, so wish me luck.

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