Getting older is preferable to the alternative. At least, that’s what people often say. Of course this could lead into a discussion about dying with dignity and debilitating illness or the ravages of aging.

But that is not what this post is about.  It’s about those times when getting older is desired—like when we looked forward to our sixteenth birthday, so we could get a driver’s license. Or when we celebrated our twenty-first, because we could legally drink.

In my case at this point and time—it is reaching the age of Medicare. Yep, this year I go on Medicare. I turn 65 this November. I’m currently paying over a thousand a month for just my medical insurance, and I am curious to discover what my new insurance bill (and coverage) will be when I go on Medicare. I have an appointment with my insurance guru in a couple hours to find out.

My next milestone? Collecting Social Security in 2020. I hope it will still be a thing. 

Photo: Hubby and me at our family reunion this summer.

2 comments on “When getting old is not a bad thing…

  1. Kathy Harling

    Bobbi here’s a hint prior to Medicare visit. Get the plan F supplement. You will pay about $180 a month for it but I bought it when I went onMedicare. Best thing I ever did. It is definitely the Cadillac plan So worth the premium payment

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Yep, I went for a F supplement, hubby, who was already on Medicare had one. I am still saving considering what I was paying and my high deductible.

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