I worry sometimes that I have too many characters in my Haunting Danielle series. Am I making it too confusing for the readers? 

Well, I used to wonder about that, but now, not so much. I’ll explain why…

Since my surgery my exciting life has been comprised of working at my computer from early morning to late afternoon, time on the exercise bike, an afternoon nap, and then early to bed where I watch mysteries on AcornTV via my Roku. I avoid stepping outside—hotter than hades out there, and since I can’t go swimming yet, what is the point?

Reading a book in the evening is not really an option. After spending all morning on the computer I need to give my eyes a rest. Early on in my recovery I was listening to audiobooks, and then I discovered Acorn.

I initially signed up for AcornTV after seeing an ad for a spinoff of the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. This new show takes place in the sixties and is about Fanny’s niece. However, I’ve only watched a couple of the episodes—the great Agatha Christie stole my attention.

First it was Miss Marple —and now I am watching Poirot.

Over on Netflix I had fallen inlove with shows like Father Brown and Midsomer Murders. I think part of the allure for me with British mysteries are the fabulous old estates and castles. I have absolutely no desire to live in one of those dusty old places, but what a marvelous setting for a mystery!

Back to Agatha Christie. I have been enjoying her series but yikes, the abundance of characters! One needs a scorecard. I am not suggesting it is a reason to stuff even more characters into my books, but it does alter my perception on how many is too many. My verdict, you need enough to tell the story. And with mysteries, that often involves a few more characters than other genres. It’s those red herrings, doncha know.     

2 comments on “When is it too many characters?

  1. Sheena

    I’ve been watching midsomer murder too. Just started watching this spring and now on Netflix. Def like reading your books too.

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Yeah, I have watched them all. I tend to go through all I like of a series, and then try to find another one. My husband always laughs at Midsomer, saying “Gee, a LOT of people get killed there,” especially since each episode often has more than one murder. It’s like a breeding ground for serial killers. LOL

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