Can you see it? What do those two images have in common? Actually, they have a number of things in common.

Both are stock images I purchased online.

Both photographs were taken on the beach.

Both are romantic, yet unrealistic.

If you are wondering why I refer to the woman with the laptop as a romantic image, you need to look at the photograph from my perspective—as a writer. At the moment it is chilly outside, even here in Havasu where last year at this time I was out on the lake enjoying the sunshine.

But look at that woman, lounging on the beach, enjoying the ocean breeze while typing away on her laptop. I see her as a writer, like myself. Ahh…how lovely to be sitting there on the beach, writing away, while surrounded by such a serene setting. 

Well yeah, it might be, if I could actually look at the laptop screen without killing my eyes. Working outside on a laptop computer is not really feasible—not unless you invest in some sort of screen device, that may or may not work. I don’t know, I have never tried. I just know every time I have taken my laptop on the patio on a nice day to work, it never works out as good as it sounds. Kills my eyes, and I end up coming back inside.

As for the other picture, the couple rolling around on the sand. That might look romantic or sexy to some, but gee, imagine all that sand, getting in places sand should never be.

So see, those two photos do have a lot in common.

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