I’m something of a multitasker, except for when I’m writing a book. Then, I can’t even listen to music, have the TV on, or have someone in the room with me, aside from my pups or cat. 

But when I’m cleaning my office, riding my exercise bike or making dinner, I like to listen to Youtube channels, preferably an authortube channel. That’s a show typically hosted by another author, discussing the craft, marketing, publishing industry, or even his or her books.

I’ve been seriously debating starting my own channel, where I upload once a week. Why? This career has been good to me, and I honestly think I have something to offer aspiring authors—I’d like to pay it forward. 

I have no intention of starting a Patreon account—not that I see anything wrong with other authors doing that to support their authortube channel. But frankly, I prefer to be my own boss, and I do believe when you start taking money for a service, you kinda sorta have a boss.

If I do decide to move forward with this new project, I will only commit to a set time frame—perhaps six months or a year. And then when that time is up, I will reevaluate and decide if I should continue or not.

There is another reason I am considering doing this. I think we need a few more authortube channels hosted by older authors.

2 comments on “Debating with myself…should I start an Authortube channel?

  1. Susie

    I vote Yes absolutely do it. I don’t write nor do I want to but I do read constantly & yes I’m one of those people who get totally annoyed when I buy a book and there are holes in the storyline big enough to drive a mack truck through & when it’s so grammatically incorrect that I have to reread sentences & whole paragraphs over & over trying to figure out what the author is saying. Some room for error is acceptable to me but some books I’ve read… SMH… I loved the storyline & the characters but the constant errors in the book takes the enjoyment out of reading it. If you can aid some aspiring authors to do better, would be great!
    Hope I didn’t sound to cranky there ✌

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      You don’t sound cranky at all!

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