Lily turns a year next month, and Danny turned a year last month. We love the pups, but I will confess our sweet Lily has been something of a challenge.

Dogs each have distinct different personalities, even within the same breed. We have had four Australian Shepherds—two regular size, and these two miniatures. While they all shared traits common with the breed, they were also individuals. 

Danny is our sweet, loving boy who just wants to please. He’s a fast learner.

Lily is our sweet affectionate girl who likes sitting on your lap, loves playing in water, and is blindly possessive once she has something she shouldn’t have—even to a point she snaps.

Yep, our sweet little Lily is a snapping turtle, with a vicious growl one moment, and then so timid she will roll over so you can scratch her belly the next. We’ve never had this issue with any of our dogs. In fact, I never worried about any of our pups—including our little mutt we had for eighteen years—aggressively biting anyone. 

It’s an issue that has recently escalated and we are considering working with a trainer. Actually, we had planned to work with a trainer long before this. But one thing came after another—first Don’s surgery, then both of the pups were fixed, first Danny, then Lily, and then my surgery, which I am currently recuperating from.

Unfortunately with the summer heat, we can’t work with either dog outside. I’d love to take Lily in the pool, but the doctor tells me I can’t go swimming until the end of the month. 

At the moment I am pouring through dog training videos from reputable sites and trying to work with her inside. Wish me luck!

2 comments on “Lily and Danny, works in progress…

  1. Rebecca

    Hi Bobbi,
    A trainer is the way to go! Luckily, we live near a wonderful place – Ringer’s Pet Dog – so check out their website and look for a similar place in your neighborhood. When our Labradoodle, Louie, starts acting “owly” we just say “Bruce and Kim” and he shapes up – it’s hilarious. Your trainer will train you on how to train your dog. Enjoy the journey! PS: Absolutely love, love your books and your daughter did a great job on your on-line store!!

    1. Bobbi Holmes Post author

      Yes, I think that is what we are going to do! Like I wrote, we had planned to do that all along, but life got in the way.

      Thank you. Glad you are enjoying the books.

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