Today our eldest turns forty. All those old clichés come to mind—where has the time gone, they grow up so fast, he is still my baby

We have two children, a son and daughter. I’ve always felt so incredibly lucky to have had a boy and girl. I had always wanted a daughter—and never realized how much I wanted a son until Scott was born.

Scott’s real name is Robert Scott, but as a child always went by Scott. My father-in-law, who passed away when my husband was a small child was named Robert. My husband’s middle name is Robert. And I was named for my Uncle Robert, who died when he was just a little boy. So basically, the name Robert comes from both sides of the family. Yet, we felt calling him Scott when he was a child might be easier for him than sharing a name so similar to his mother.  As an adult he has embraced his first name.

Both of our children are incredibly creative. When it comes to a profession, I have always wanted for them what I eventually obtained—to be able to do what they truly love. I don’t look forward to retiring, I look forward to writing my next book.

I believe our daughter Elizabeth has obtained what I have—making a living doing what she loves. As many of my readers know, she is my cover designer. But she doesn’t just design book covers for me, she is a successful freelance graphic designer with many clients from the New York Times Bestsellerlist.

Our son, like our daughter is creative. Currently his passion is more a hobby, but he’s working to build something more. If you like to travel, to hike, then visit his YouTube channel and check out some of the amazing videos he has produced.

As many of you already know he and his wife helped inspire the location for my Haunting Danielle series. Scott and SeAnne live in Oregon. (I also borrowed SeAnne’s name for one of my characters!)

While visiting his YouTube channel, be sure to wish him Happy Birthday. And tell him his proud mama sent you.

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