Bobbi and Bruno. Sister Lynn and Bobbi’s 1975 road trip to Oregon.

In college I used to daydream about traveling cross country in a converted bus. The closest I got was a spur of the moment road trip my sister and I took up to Oregon the summer between my Jr and Sr years of college. It wasn’t in an RV, but in my Mustang GT, and we motel’d it. Our destination was to see her hubby who was in a hot shot crew in Oregon.  But when we got there, he was on a fire in Arizona.

It seems my road trips—and recent RV trips—are always pulling me toward Oregon, the home of Walt and Danielle—and of my son and daughter-in-law, Scott and SeAnne.

It’s difficult for us to get away for more than a week at a time—but I really wanted to see Scott and SeAnne. Flying was out of the question—we have the pups now, and I am not quite ready to leave them at a kennel. I also wanted to take our motorhome on a REAL road trip.  

I asked my sister, who lives in Morro Bay, if Mom could stay with her for three weeks if we brought her and picked her up. Sis has lots going on in her life right now, so I was ecstatic when she said yes. Plus, it would give Mom the opportunity to spend time with her other daughter. (There is just me and my sis.)

As I mentioned in my other post, we traded our rarely used 5th wheel in for a motorhome. I remember in our early camping days sitting in the back of our pickup truck under the camper shell, looking out jealously at the nearby motorhome and its occupants having a jolly time inside as rain pelted our vehicles.

Happy to report we had excellent weather on our 20 day trip—lots of sunshine—but we did have several days of rain, and we were grateful to be in the motorhome, and not cramped in the back of a pickup truck with our two pups.

Danny and Lily were awesome on the trip, and by the end Danny had curbed much of his barking, making him a polite camper. He still has some leash issues, but he is getting better. And Lily has also made improvements—giving up whatever rock or stick she has gobbled up to consume, trading it instead of snapping. I intended to write more about our trip in this post, but that will have to wait until my next blog post. I really need to get working on The Ghost and the Christmas Secret.

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  1. Karen Dickey

    Sounds like you had a great time with family. Enjoy!!!

  2. Carolyn

    Good job on the “trading”! Yeah Lilly!

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