(Spoiler Alert. If you have only read books 1-10 in the Haunting Danielle Series you may want to skip this interview.)

Interviewer:  Welcome back to Marlow House. Today in our next installment of the Marlow House Interview series we will be talking to the police chief of Frederickport Oregon, Edward MacDonald. And with him is his son, Evan MacDonald, the youngest of what I term, the Marlow House mediums. Welcome Chief and Evan.

Chief:   Thanks for having us.

Interviewer:   Is it okay if I call you chief? I notice most people seem to call you that instead of your name.

Chief:   Chief is fine.

Interviewer: How are you today, Evan? 

Evan:  Okay. 

Chief:  He’s a little nervous. 

Interviewer:   I can understand that. Although, now that I think about it, Evan showed amazing bravery when he helped Walt after the hijacking and kidnapping. I can’t imagine talking to me could be scary compared to that.

Chief:   Evan’s my hero.

Interviewer:   Evan, you’re blushing. Don’t you feel like a hero?

Evan:   I just wanted my dad to come home. And it wasn’t scary, I had Walt. 

Interviewer:   I would think most kids would be terrified of a ghost. But Walt never scared you, did he?

Evan:   No. Walt’s really neat because he can talk to Sadie and Max, and he can move things. And he never treats me like a dumb kid. 

Interviewer:  Chief, you have another son, Eddie Jr. Does he know about his brother’s gift?

Chief:  No. Evan and I have talked about it, and we think it’s probably for the best Eddie doesn’t know right now. It’s enough for Evan to deal with his power—gift—whatever you want to call it. Eddie doesn’t need to deal with it if he doesn’t have to.

Interviewer:  One of our readers ask if it is possible that Eddie has the gift too, but he’s just hidden it from you? 

Chief:  I’d be really surprised. For one thing, he’s never shown any signs.

Interviewer:  What kind of signs? 

Chief:   I never knew they were signs until after I realized Evan was seeing ghosts. Had I never met Danielle, I’m not sure I would have ever understood what was going on with Evan.

Interviewer:  What were the early signs?

Chief:  There were instances Evan insisted there was someone in his room. I thought it was the old “monster in the closet” thing some kids go through. Eddie would be in the room too and accuse his brother of making things up. I never once remember Eddie coming to me about someone being in his room or the house, but Evan did a number of times.

Interviewer:  Evan, is it pretty common for spirits to just come passing through your house?

Evan:  No. There was only a couple of them, but one hung around for a long time. He’s gone now.

Interviewer:  Evan, do you wish you didn’t have this gift?

Evan:   It used to scare me. I didn’t understand why I was seeing stuff other people didn’t. My brother told me to stop making up stories or people would think I was crazy. But now I understand. Walt helped me. Now I’m glad I can see ghosts like Danielle.

Interviewer: Chief, I know your last relationship didn’t work out.

Chief:  Well, that is an understatement.

Interviewer:   One of our readers wondered if you had started dating again?

Chief:   I’m really busy right now, with work and my boys. Going out and trying to meet someone, it’s not really in the cards right now.

Interviewer:  Do you plan to just stay a bachelor?

Chief:   At the moment I just want to raise my boys.

Interviewer:  Before we wrap this up, I have one question for Evan. Evan, do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

Evan:  I want to be a policeman like my dad.

Interviewer: Really? I thought you might want to do something with your gift.

Evan:  Oh, that’s why I want to be a policeman! I would get my ghost friends to help me get the bad guys!

Interviewer:   Chief, you sort of do that now, don’t you?

Chief:  Indirectly, I suppose. But even when a ghost tells us who did it, we still have to prove it. 

Interviewer:  Thanks again for being here. We’ll be back on Monday with another interview. Hope to see you then.








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