(Spoiler Alert. If you have only read books 1-12 in the Haunting Danielle Series you may want to skip this interview.)

Interviewer: Welcome back to Marlow House. Today we’re talking with Ian Bartley. Some of you might know him by his pen name, Jon Altar.Welcome Ian and thank you for participating in the Marlow House Interview Series.

Ian: Thank you for asking me.

Interviewer: I understand you initially came to Frederickport when you were working on the Eva Thorndike story.

Ian: That’s correct.

Interviewer: You coauthored that piece with your sister, didn’t you?

Ian: Yes. It was actually Kelly’s idea. She’s the one that came across the information that proved invaluable.

Interviewer: You and Kelly are close?”

Ian: Yes, but we don’t normally work together. We’ve always shared the love of writing and research, but our careers took us in different directions.

Interviewer: Have you considered sharing with your sister what you know about Walt Marlow?

Ian: Oh god no!

Interviewer: That was pretty emphatic.

Ian: I love my sister. But there is no way she would leave that one alone. It’s hard enough for me. It’s best for everyone if she doesn’t know.

Interviewer: I’m not sure why.

Ian: Walt’s story is probably the biggest story I’ve ever come across—and I can’t touch it. There’s no way I can write about it for various reasons. I don’t think Kelly would ever understand my reasons.

Interviewer: What are they?

Ian: Too many people would be hurt—people I care about. And frankly, it would be the end of my professional reputation. I’d look like a fool.

Interviewer: Because it’s unbelievable?

Ian: Exactly. 

Interviewer: But your sister lives in Frederickport now. Are you afraid she might find out herself?

Ian: I certainly hope not.

Interviewer: Speaking of moving to Frederickport, when you first rented the house across the street from Marlow House did you have any idea you’d be staying after you finished the story?

Ian: Not at all.  When I rented the Hemmings House, my plan was to stay until I finished the Thorndike project, but I fell in love with the charming town.

Interviewer: I understand you also fell in love with Lily Miller.

Ian: That too. But Lily had moved back to California when I initially decided to stay longer. I’ll admit I had already fallen for her, but at the time I think both Lily and I felt it was too soon in our relationship to make a serious commitment.

Interviewer: This brings us to a question from a reader. When did you know Lily was the one?

Ian: After she moved back to California I realized I had fallen in love with her. But when I thought I had lost her—well I then realized how much I really did love her. I’ve never been so afraid in my life.

Interviewer: Another reader asks, do you ever feel a little jealous over Sadie’s relationship with Walt?

Ian: I might have been jealous if I’d found out about Walt sooner. But as it was, I think I was more relieved when I realized what was going on.

Interviewer: How do you mean?

Ian: I have to admit I prided myself at how well-behaved Sadie was. She’s one smart dog. She was easy to train. But we move here, and suddenly she becomes unpredictable. Starts acting strange. No, I was more relieved than jealous.

Interviewer: One last question. You always seem to have a Cubs baseball cap on. I take it you’re a Cubs fan?

Ian:  Since I was a kid. My dad is a big Cubs fan too.

Interviewer: You must be a loyal fan; the Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908.

Ian: Hey, you just watch, this is going to be the year they win. Mark my words.

Interviewer: Umm…what year is it in Frederickport again?

Ian: What kind of question is that? It’s 2016 of course.

Interviewer: Well, maybe you’re right. Maybe this will be the year the Cubs win the World Series.

Ian: It will be!

Interviewer: Well, that wraps up today’s interview. Tomorrow we’ll be back when we talk to Chief MacDonald and his son Evan. Hope you all join us then!




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