I just had a reader ask me where they could preorder paperbacks. I am really sorry, but I only do preorders for eBooks, not paperback.


Well, maybe I should explain.

These days there are typically three types of authors. First, there are the traditional trade authors—meaning they publish through a trade publisher, and the publisher handles the formatting and release of all the books. Then there are the Indi authors (or self-published authors)—a phenomenon that took off around ten years ago. Oh, there were self-published authors before, but before that time they garnered little respect in the industry.  Then eBooks became a thing, and publishing changed.

There is a third type of author—the hybrid—which like the Indi is becoming more common these days. That’s the author that is both traditionally published and self-published. 

I’m a hybrid author. While I self-publish my eBooks and paperbacks, I’ve sold the rights to my audiobooks. Tantor Media has thus far bought the rights to all 29 of the Haunting Danielle books, including The Ghost and the Church Lady, which comes out next week.  Dreamscape Media has purchased the rights to my Coulson Family Saga series and have released all five of those books in audiobook.

What this means, my audiobook publishers are responsible for the production, release, and distribution of my audiobooks. Heck, I don’t even know in advance when the books will be released. I check on Tantor’s website to see if it’s listed yet! 

As for the production of my eBooks and paperbacks—that’s all on me. I’m responsible for hiring the editor, finding beta readers, and seeing that the books get properly formatted and uploaded on the sites.

Because of that, I simply haven’t the time or energy to make my paperbacks pre-orders. But, I do work very hard to make sure they are available around the same time as the eBooks.

The Ghost and the Church Lady eBook file has been loaded to all of the vendors. A copy of the book has been sent off to Tantor, so production of the audiobook can begin. And I am currently working on formatting the paperback. I offer two types—regular print and large print. 

The next step, I am waiting for my illustrator to send me the finished cover files, and then I will get them uploaded along with the manuscript file, and other pertinent information.

I suppose it would be more impressive to say my people do all that formatting and uploading stuff. But the fact is, I have no people. It is just me.

Okay that is not entirely true. I have an amazing cover artist/illustrator, some incredible beta readers, and an editor.  

2 comments on “Paperbacks and Pre-Orders

  1. Karen

    No worries on the pre orders for paperbacks. I have a big piece of paper at my desk and I write down the release date and wait till then to order the paperback. I prefer paperback anyway.

  2. Bobbie Moser

    Wow you do more then just write the book. Thank you for all that you do for your readers.

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